Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goin' to Disney!!

Look out Land of Magic; here we come!  Yes, tomorrow we are heading to Disney!  This is a total surprise to the Monkeys, so keep it a secret!!  The girls have been asking to go to Disney for so long and we keep telling them that when Big Monkey is 8 we will go.  It is a conversation they want to have multiple times a week.  We are only doing Magic Kingdom and staying 2 days/2nights, just enough for the girls to experience the best part.  Other than the hotel room on the way down to Florida last week, these two Disney nights are the only nights we have to pay for on our three week adventure, thanks to amazing family and friends who are opening up their homes to us.

While in the Disney store one evening, one of the girls picked up an autograph book and said she wanted it.  I told her what it was and said maybe we could get one in a few years when we go to Disney.  Autograph books from Disney range from $8.00 for a basic, plain book to $18.00 for one with space for photos.  I decided I could make my own that were so much cuter at a fraction of the cost.  All the materials were $18.00 and with that are enough materials to make two autograph books and even a little scrapbook once we get back.  All the materials shown are from Michael’s craft store.  I found a pack of chipboard with holes already punched and rings included. 

First, I traced the covers on the pink paper, cut them out and glued it onto the chipboard. 

Then I found a template for the mouse ears online and traced it onto shiny black paper and glued them onto the pink paper. 

Next, I put the Disney Memories tag on (it came as one piece),

Followed by tying a cute pink polka-dot bow for Minnie. 

I used a Walt Disney font in word a printed an O and A in white against a black background, cut them out with an Exacto knife and glued them onto the mouse.  

I then punched holes in multiple sheets of the polka-dot paper, placed it face down inside the two covers and put rings through them.  

The rings are temporary; once we get home and add our pictures I plan on loosely tying the black, yellow and pink ribbon through the holes to make it a bit fancier.  I cannot wait for the girls to see their books and experience a whole lot of magic!  

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