Monday, March 18, 2013


One of my big projects this weekend was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  We are having our cabinets refaced (I know, a not-so-thrifty project) and the installation begins next Monday; everything has to be removed.  As I dug deeper into the nooks, crannies and corners, I found things I haven't used in years and clearly hadn't missed.  I started a box for things to keep and things to throw in a garage sale.  Big D also ended up taking out a huge bag filled with trash once the clean-out was complete.  I have more in my garage sale/trash pile than I did the stuff I wanted to keep!  Here's where my discovery was made: For over a year now, I have been begging my husband to put our house on the market.  We are getting cramped, running out of storage space, and I have been feeling like the walls are closing in on us. And if there is ever a third monkey...we'd be a pressure cooker!  He refuses to budge; he "likes our little house."  So my compromise was, "Fine, I'll agree to stay here but only if I can do whatever I need to do to this house to increase storage and make it look the way I want." He was fine with that (hence the new cabinets :) )  But, after cleaning out the kitchen and seeing how much "junk" I really do have lying around, I realized that maybe there is enough room in our tiny house.  I began to look around in other areas and came to the conclusion that if I just get rid of the unnecessary excess, there will be room for what truly matters.  We need more space for the kids', just a good cleaning out!  I need more room in my closet and the girls' closets...nope, just too many clothes that don't (or rarely) get worn.  As I begin to reorganize my house, I am beginning to see more space.  And I am beginning to feel ashamed that I have allowed myself to spend frivolously on things that really don't matter and for wanting more just for the sake of having more.  There aren't very many places for us to escape one-another here in our home, but I'm starting to like that. I see that my kids are happy and comfortable here (Big Monkey cries when I mention moving) as this is the only home either of them has known.  Yes, we are tight, but one day they will be gone and I will be wondering why the house is so big.  I am reminded of Doug Sone's lyrics to an old country song: "Love grows best in little houses, with few walls to separate."  There might just be enough room for a third monkey one day afterall.

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