Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chicken Envy and New Products

I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of a coworker of mine who lives in the country and gets to raise chickens.  The good thing about this is that I have access to fresh eggs!  If you have never tasted a fresh egg, and no I do not mean the day you purchase a dozen from the store, you must seek some out! When you crack open an egg, what color is the yolk...yellow?  Check out the color of Miss Soozie's eggs (that's what the Monkeys call them).  The photo actually doesn't do these yolks justice.  They are a bright orange (the way they should be) and boy are they yummy!  One may not think a farm fresh egg tastes all that different from store-bought, but it does.  This was my dinner last night :)

What's the best part of going to Whole Foods?  Ask the Monkeys and they will tell you, "The samples!"  I have to admit I like that about them too, especially when they have a rep from Snowville Creamery giving out samples of the chocolate milk.  I never buy it because it's so expensive, but it's heavenly!  One thing I do not like about it, is all the open foods they have and the thought of all the germs swarming around them.  One afternoon an older woman grabbed a shrimp off the buffet, ate it, and threw the tail back in the pile of shrimp...no, I am not lying.  Talk about gross!  Then there are the people who treat the sampling stations like it's their lunch.  Ok, off topic... So the other day when we were there, a couple was giving out samples of Rooibee Red Tea.   This is a South African company who began marketing their teas in farmer's market and are now making their way into grocery stores.  We tried the watermelon mint and peach; they weren't too sweet and had a great, mild flavor!  (The Monkeys even loved them and begged for more.) Everyone else must have loved them too, because we got the last of the watermelon mint and cranberry pomegranate.  The only flavor left in the store was unsweet.  The couple giving out the samples were actually the parents of the company's CEO.  We chatted a bit and I learned that the company has really struggled to make it's way into  chain stores and is now quickly taking off.  Kroger is one of the company's newest retailers, so if you are a tea drinker, check this one out!

Finally, my new floors are making their way in!  Here are a few pictures of the family room.  I love the distressed look, because I don't have to panic over the first few scratches that are guaranteed to come quickly.  They are on to the kitchen tomorrow...I cannot wait!


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