Monday, May 13, 2013

Trying Out My Green Thumb

A few weeks ago I decided to start some vegetables from seed. The seeds I had were all "approved" for growing in pots, however I realized I would need a lot of pots to grow the number of plants I started, and that just wasn't a frugal idea.  I searched the internet and found quite a few good ideas--ever think about planting in a reusable grocery bag?  I considered it due to our backyard not having consistent day-time sun; I could easily move the bags around to catch the light, but decided I wanted something more permanent.

 I found box planters but at $40 a piece, that wasn't practical either.  So, last weekend I decided to build a raised garden bed myself.  I picked up six pieces of 4-foot cedar fencing, trimmed off the tops, cut one in half and nailed the pieces together.  The remaining three fence slats went on the bottom with space left for drainage.  Once I got the box together, and after talking with my friend Amy and my neighbor, I realized that my one box just wasn't going to cut it.  So, I build another box using 6-foot fencing.  Each box was lined with heavy grade plastic.  I cut several holes along the open spaces and covered each with rocks to allow for drainage without losing soil. So now I have two garden beds on my patio awaiting my beautiful new seedlings.  The girls have thoroughly enjoyed helping and watching the seeds grow.  Today they noticed our spinach surfaced and were quite excited.  Maybe this will get them to eat it!  I was hoping to get the seedlings in the ground yesterday, but it was so cold the past few days.  Maybe tomorrow.  I also plan to surround the boxes with chicken wire and top my fruit box with a netting that is supposed to keep birds out.  We have a lot of deer, rabbits, raccoons and other friendly creatures, so I worry I won't have much left by the end of the season.


This is all a learning experience so we shall see how it goes.  I'll keep you updated on its progress throughout the spring and summer.  I don't think my garden will prove to be so "profitable" this year due to the start-up costs, but hopefully as the years go by, I will reap the benefits.  If nothing else, it will certainly provide many hours of fun, learning and memories for my girls and I...which is the most important thing of all.  

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