Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday-ed Out!

Boy, am I exhausted!  Little Monkey's 3rd birthday party was today, and I hate to admit it, but I am kinda glad birthday season is over!  The girls' birthdays are rather close so it feels like I just get my house back in order after the first one and then here comes the next one!  Her theme of choice this year was an "Aloha" party (or if you ask her "oo-hi-ay pottee").  I never spend a lot on birthday parties, but this one was probably my cheapest yet.  I kept my budget in mind as I finished up the shopping.  Most of the paper items and decorations were purchased long ago, but obviously the food still needed to be bought.  Thanks to the help of my wonderful mother who made two salads (also brought a great bottle of wine) and to my generous in-laws who gave us some money, we only spent $50 out of pocket.  Even better, it came out of Big D's pocket, not mine!

On another note, I got the approval from the man of the house to get my new floors.  I know, I know...another not-so-frugal move on my part, but we need them.  The current floor is cheap laminate wood and is chipping and shifting, not to mention looks very dated along-side of our new cabinets.  We are tearing up all the carpeting on the first floor and laying bamboo throughout.  It might be an unnecessary purchase, but it is eco-friendly!  Now, I just need to decide on color...any ideas??

Total spent so far this week: $29.77  Has to be a record!

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  1. You forgot to mention Big Monkey's comment about the Gymboree clothes ;) Loved BOTH parties :)