Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Strategy

Thank goodness there are only a few days left of the month, because I am now left with only $2.46.  I could have had another dollar in that budget if it weren't for the server at Cheesecake Factory last night who assumed I was going to give him a two dollar tip and never returned my change from a $10.  I never thought $1 would seem like so much money.  I mean, what will $2.46 buy me?  At least $3.46 would have gotten me a Starbucks.

This weekend, I decided to try out a new strategy when my budget is nearing empty and I need something. Yesterday morning I noticed that my moisturizer and hair spray is running really low, so when Doug told me he was running to Wal-Mart, I gave him my list.  Again, this morning: "Hey, are you going out at all today?"  Doug: I'm going to go work out, why?  Me: Well, we are out of milk; oh and why don't you pick up some bananas and lunch meat too."  Sucker; I get what I need and it comes out of his pocket, not mine! (Okay, so maybe that is cheating.) Once my budget resets itself this week, I plan on going to Whole Foods again so I can get my monthly trip set to the first of the month.  Hopefully it won't be anywhere near the $400.00 I spent a few weeks ago, but I don't really need all that much since I have enough food in my fridge/freezer to last another month!

So, I made it through the month on a tight budget, and I am left to wonder what's next on my frugal journey for the month of May. I will still keep track of my monthly spending and keep the $830.00 budget, but I need some additional challenges.  Any ideas??

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