Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Budget Buster!

As of Sunday, my pantry was getting pretty bare and a few of our basic items that I get at Whole Foods were gone.  I probably could have gotten another week's worth of meals out of what I had, but I can't go without my 365 Strawberry Cereal Bars, which happens to be my breakfast every morning.  I only make this trip once a month (even though I got a month and a half out of my last trip), so I decided to stock up on everything.  I looked at my inventory, calculated how many of this and that I would need for the next month and made an extensive list.  I estimated that I would be spending around $300.  I decided to try buying a few things in bulk this time: oats, brown rice, orzo pasta, and raisins.  I also buy spices in bulk because I found myself throwing away nearly full bottles of different spices that had been hanging out in the pantry for years...some probably from my single days!  I only pay $.25 or so for just the right amount of seasoning.  Once it was all said and done, my bill was just shy of $400!  I couldn't believe it...this was going to bust my budget for sure!  It killed me even more to think that I had to then go to Giant Eagle for lunch meat, cereal, creamer and fruit (Whole Foods' organic fruit is more expensive than theirs).  After another $40 there, I was pretty much over my budget for groceries.  All I can say is I hope these groceries last a lot longer than a month.  I guess that will be my next challenge.  

I went from having only spent $160.00 to $607.00 in a matter of 24 hours.  Not what I was hoping for! Now I am off to pay my Sprint bill...so that will leave me with only $140.00 left for the month.  We'll see if I can pull this off!  So much for that purchase at Gymboree...on the other hand I do have Gymbucks to spend...

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